The start to finish of biologics


The Festival of Biologics brings together senior biologics professionals across the value chain to advance the industry to improve patient health.

We cover the start to finish of biologics: from discovery to development, to manufacturing and market access.



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Key topics on the agenda: 

AI and Machine Learning in Oncology and Biomarkers
Antibodies in Immunotherapy
Armed Antibodies
Biosimilar Development, Manufacturing and Analysis
Biosimilars in Healthcare Policy
Checkpoint Inhibitors
Clinical Trials
CMC, Developability and Manufacturability
Commercialization and Market Access
Commercialization of Biosimilars and Sustainability of the Industry
New Technology in Screening and Analytics for Antibody Proteins
Non-Oncology Immunotherapy
Novel Indications for Therapeutic Antibodies
Oncolytic Viruses
The Clinical Environment and Real-world Evidence
Tumor Microenvironment
Value and affordability of Biosimilars