James Thang | Group Chief Information Officer
UCSI Group

James Thang, Group Chief Information Officer, UCSI Group

James Thang, Group CIO at UCSI Group Holdings, boasts a 27-year career spanning software development, digital transformation, and IT project management. He led the implementation of UCSIPAY, a cashless payment app integrating UCSI's systems, streamlining processes and supporting SDGs. James crafts digital roadmaps, emphasizing hybrid workspaces and cloud solutions, collaborating with senior management. His international exposure includes engagements with MNCs and public listed companies. Holding diverse C-level positions in esteemed organizations like Daimler Chrysler TSS and Microsoft, James has garnered recognition, including ETCIO Transformative CIO 2022 & 2023 and The World CIO 200 (Legend Category) for 2023. He's also a finalist for PIKOM CIO of The Year 2023 and won the IDG FOUNDRY ASEAN CIO100 award in 2023.


EDUtech Asia CIO Summit 2024 Day 2 @ 09:00

Panel – Modern-day CIOs redefining their role as transformational IT leaders, driving digital innovation initiatives

  • Redefining CIO and CTO roles and their convergence in higher education
  • How it affects decision-making in tech implementation 
  • Impact of collaborative leadership between CIOs and other C-suite executives on digital project outcomes  
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