Patrice Slupowski | Vice President, Digital Innovation

Patrice Slupowski, Vice President, Digital Innovation, Orange

Patrice Slupowski is Vice-President Digital Innovation running the open-innovation corporate product marketing team of Orange, in charge of several projects around APIs, Internet of Things, mobile applications & mobile OS, personal data aggregation, privacy or emerging technologies (AI, VR, …).

Patrice Slupowski is a marketing expert in IoT, social networks, connected TV, wellness & personal data and mobile multimedia services. He founded a start-up called Waptoo in 1999, one of the first companies to believe in the opportunities around mobile data, creating WAP and mobile services and proposing some automated mobile testing software, for companies and telcos, which has been acquired by Lagardere Group.

Patrice has been involved in digital space from the very first minute, and is permanently connected from 1990. Patrice is a graduate in Information Science and Technology from Paris-Dauphine University.


Connected Europe Day 2 @ 14:00

Building the cities of the future

  •     Delivering smart city infrastructure
  •     Building mobile networks to deliver on the smart city promise
  •     The role of 4G, 5G and IoT networks
  •     Understanding the socioeconomic benefits of a smarter Europe
  •     The changing role of government in the smart city

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