Olivier Simon | Director of Wireless Technology Evolution

Olivier Simon, Director of Wireless Technology Evolution, Orange

Olivier Simon graduated from Ecole Central Paris in 2000. He joined France Telecom/Orange in 2002 and has been involved since 2005 in Researches and Development of digital cellular networks of third, fourth and fifth generation. At the beginning of this period, he was also managing activities related to SDR (Software Defined Radio), European Regulation of telecommunication, Business Modelling, MBWA (Mobile Broadband Wireless Access) and standardization of LTE. In 2009, he became Radio Infrastructures Program Manager in Orange Labs, also in charge of delivering radio access network innovations to the countries of Orange group. Olivier Simon is currently Director, Wireless Technology Evolution in charge of defining the evolution of Radio Access Networks for Orange Group.


Connected Europe Day 1 @ 15:20

Delivering Europe's 5G future

  •     How can Europe become a 5G leader?
  •     Delivering networks that are 5G ready
  •     Business models for deployment of 5G 
  •     The importance of 5G for delivering the IoT
  •     Progress of 5G trials in Europe to date
  •     When will Europe be ready for 5G?

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