Andrzej Kawalec | CTO, Head of Strategy & Innovation
Vodafone Enterprise Security Services

Andrzej Kawalec, CTO, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Vodafone Enterprise Security Services

Andrzej leads the VESS Strategy & Innovation, providing the core direction and roadmap for our growth alongside our vision for the future of security and how we deliver a model to address the needs of all our customers, from the 462 million mobile customers to small businesses and multi-national corporates. Security that is intuitive and embedded. 

Prior to Vodafone Andrzej was Global CTO and Director of Security Research for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security, a $2bn global cybersecurity business, where he was the chief architect and strategy leader having had direct responsibility for hundreds of employees and $50m of operational investment across all areas of R&D, portfolio, solutioning and marketing.

A recognized leader in technology trends and security, Andrzej is a frequent speaker at industry events and Advises the World Economic Forum, EastWest Institute, NATO, Interpol alongside large enterprises and Governments.


Connected Europe Day 2 @ 15:10

Creating a secure environment for the connected economy

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