Aaron Partouche | Director of Marketing and Business Development
Colt Technology Services

Aaron Partouche, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Colt Technology Services

Aaron is leading Product Marketing for Dark Fibre & Optical Services at Colt Technology Services. He is also in charge of developing vertical proposals and partnerships for supporting Mobile BackHaul/FrontHaul and Smart City projects. Aaron consolidates strategic alliances with metropolitan stakeholders and wireless technology providers to move towards connected city concepts. Before joining Colt, Aaron occupied several strategic positions in major mobile technology players (Nortel, EADS-Telecom, Bouygues-Telecom & Alcatel-Lucent) for 12 years.


Connected Europe Day 2 @ 14:00

Building the cities of the future

  •     Delivering smart city infrastructure
  •     Building mobile networks to deliver on the smart city promise
  •     The role of 4G, 5G and IoT networks
  •     Understanding the socioeconomic benefits of a smarter Europe
  •     The changing role of government in the smart city

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