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Discover Connected America’s Key Themes

Exploring the big picture for delivering enhanced connectivity in the USA. What does a truly connected America look like and how do we get there?

A strategic look at investment and regulatory strategies for the deployment of next-generation networks.

Focussing on the realities and challenges of building fibre and 5G networks across the USA.

The opportunities and challenges of delivering smart places across America from small towns to suburban regions to large cities.

Ensuring no-one gets left behind in the digital revolution, Connected Society will explore the benefits of connectivity for people and communities.

Strategies for providing the necessary education, training, and reskilling to enable America’s connected future.

Every business starts with an idea, and with investment an idea can go all the way. The Startup America stage connects new businesses with potential investors, partners, and future customers.

Exploring the evolution of the investment landscape in the USA.

Covering strategies for delivering the infrastructure to enable more connected transport networks.

Building the factory of the future: putting the spotlight on how next-generation communications networks are enabling new use cases within the manufacturing sector.

Addressing the rural connectivity question: exploring the role of co-operatives, emerging technologies and more in delivering ubiquitous connectivity in the United States.

Understanding the potential of digital technologies and infrastructure to transform agriculture.

Focussing on how the deployment of fibre and 5G support the delivery of smarter utilities networks in the USA.

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of connecting America’s cities: connecting urban not-spots, meeting the demands of big business and ensuring the US remains a leader in the global tech sector.





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