Hadi Irvani | Founder

Hadi Irvani, Founder, PeachDish

“I wanted to bring people together over a shared meal again. Cooking isn’t as popular as it was with my parent’s generation, and I wanted to help reverse that trend. By offering multi-course menus in our boxes, PeachDish has become a valued dinner experience, instead of a way to carry your appetite from lunch to breakfast.” — Hadi Irvani
For Hadi Irvani, food was an integral part of growing up. He later developed his passion for technology and economics while studying at the University of Virginia. In March 2013, Hadi knew he wanted to marry his e-commerce skill set with his penchant for cooking, and PeachDish was born. The idea is to encourage others to join together at the table by mailing them all of the necessary ingredients each week. Irvani named the company PeachDish to capture his southern upbringing in Atlanta. The company also aims to emulate all the fruit might stand for: southern, homegrown and seasonally fresh.

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