Charles Griffith | CTO
Mile Zero

Charles Griffith, CTO, Mile Zero

Over the past decade, Charles has been making it easier to buy anything and get it delivered anywhere, on time. For 8 years as Amazon’s VP of Transportation Technology, he was responsible for global delivery solutions serving North America, Europe and Asia. The challenges his teams encountered in enabling delivery of over 4 billion SKU’s across 185 countries, in as fast as one hour, required technology that redefined traditional notions around logistics, massively scalable systems, and more late nights at the office than he cares to remember (but does). Most Amazon customers are familiar with the results: Prime 2-day to any US address, groceries delivered fresh to your doorstep, shipping to Amazon Lockers, and even Sunday deliveries courtesy of the US postal service.
In 2014, Charles co-founded MileZero to build the next generation of retail logistics software, with a focus on last mile delivery and services, for everyone else. He spends his downtime near Seattle, on reclusive Bainbridge Island, with his wife, 2 kids, 3 dogs, 2 parrots and an occasional raccoon.

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