Seminar Theater: Grocery & eCommerce


Grocery & eCommerce Seminar, Thursday 4 April 2019

Paul Lightfoot
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

Leveraging greenhouse farms near city centers to provide fresh, local produce to supermarkets 365 days a year

Ashley Tyrner
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

Combating the food desert problem, understanding when your produce was harvested and ensuring the highest quality for consumers

Marc Oshima
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

Driving indoor vertical farming innovation to disrupt the supply chain to deliver consistently fresh produce all year round

Giovanni Colavita
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

Evolving your distribution strategy - Finding new ways that consumers will interact with your brand and your product via eCommerce, meal kits, and non-supermarket chains

Sarah Hague
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

Managing rapid eCommerce growth: Scaling operations and aligning with appropriate partners

Gautam Gupta
David Brent
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

Leveraging the nonprofit community to meet growing supply chain demands

Zach Zelner
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

0 to 300,000 in 30 days - Scaling a global, personalized delivery program

Scot Tatelman
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

Using the power of business & eCommerce to support communities in need and shift harmful narratives

Jamie Briggs
Grocery & eCommerce Seminar

Cannabis eCommerce – Offering a secure delivery experience and complying with regulation

last published: 02/Apr/19 16:35