The Conference

The 5 key themes Broadband Communities Summit West
will help you tackle



Exploring the big picture of delivering high-speed broadband networks to communities. High profile speakers from across the region share their vision for the future and how we get there, whilst also discussing how digital and broadband innovation impacts employment opportunities and the wider economy.



Exploring the investment, regulatory and policy context for delivering connectivity to the region. Key topics will include the progress of BEAD funding allocation and challenges that have arisen, the demand for skilled workers, private-public partnership models, investment, and commercial strategy for network deployments.



Community development is a central theme throughout the agenda - this stage will focus on closing the digital divide and ensuring that no one is left behind in the multitude of communities which make up the West. Key topics will include socio-economic opportunities, affordability, the challenges of urban development, and the infrastructure that is needed reach geographically isolated communities.


Technology & Operations

Discover the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovations which are helping to overcome operational challenges, strengthen supply chains, make network deployments more efficient and eliminate connectivity gaps.



This stage will explore the technical, operational, and commercial opportunities for the real estate sector and will explore the power of connectivity for different areas of the property market such as multifamily, student housing, senior living communities, and HOAs.





Sponsorship & exhibition

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Laura O’Reilly




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