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Mr Rick Howell | Executive Advisor
Cebu Pacific Air | Philippines

Mr Rick Howell, Executive Advisor, Cebu Pacific Air

Rick's association with Cebu Pacific began in mid 2012 when he was engaged for the introduction of the A330-300 and the launch of long haul operations.  Subsequently, he has adopted a broader executive role within Cebu Pacific, dealing with a variety of functions from Ground Operations, Cargo, Security to business improvement with the deployment of an internal consulting team.

After completing his undergraduate studies in mathematics at the University of Melbourne, Rick's aviation career began in the way that much of his subsequent time has been spent; batting for the red team in the ongoing tussle between the forces of red and black in the battle of the Profit and Loss Statement.  Even after 30 years on the operations side of aviation, frequently dealing with the largest cost centres in the airline accounting system, Rick continues to pursue his passion for safely optimising profit rather than just minimising cost or maximising revenue.

Rick left his native Australia and his employ with QANTAS in the late 90's bound for the then nascent aviation hub that is Dubai.  There he worked on some significant and diverse aviation projects for the rapidly growing Emirates airline as part of the Flight Operations management team.

Subsequent to his time in the Middle East he held senior roles in Australia with regional jet airlines and Virgin Blue, during its transition to Virgin Australia.  Having run Flight Operations for 3 years and having completed extensive internal consultation on organisational redesign prior to Virgin's transition from New World Carrier to premium competitor, Rick has chosen to pursue his aviation career in the growth hub of south-east Asia.

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Appearances coming up:

Day 1, 28 October 2014, Premium Conference

@ 09.30
Malthusian Aviation – How limits to growth impact LCC’s

  • A short history of the economic impact of LCC’s on the markets into which they’ve entered over the last 20 years.
  • Relative differences between the economic effect of LCC’s vs Legacy carriers
  • The investment cycle and why growth matters
  • The limits to aviation growth
  • Relevanst examples of countries and authorities that have removed these limits and the long term outcome
  • Why backing the wrong horse is predictable and what needs to change in our region specifically

@ 16.00
Panel: Opportunities or threats - Redefining the competition between full-service airlines and low-cost carriers

  • Assessing the increasingly blurring distinction between the two segments
  • What is the key strategic decision for full-service airlines to repond to the LCC threat? To defend, attack or exist altogether?
  • Can the two business models be converged and how?

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