Wealth 2.0 is back on the 28th-29th November 2018, in Central London. 
As the industry faces unprecedented disruption and an arguably mandatory overhaul of traditional front and back-office processes, coupled with a tumultuous and unpredictable financial ecosystem and increasing competitive environment, the dialogue amongst peers within the wealth and asset management sector has never been more indispensable for organisational success. 
This exclusive forum features insight from global top-tier decision makers, reflecting on both the emerging and predicted trends within the wealth industry landscape, providing a platform for conversation, benchmarking, networking and debate. The programme will focus on the following fundamental issues facing the wealth and asset management industry today: The digital advancements and transformations, in the remits of CX and client onboarding and retention techniques; back-office transformation and digital Implementation strategies; automation and investment and the tenacious considerations of investment management challenges. This combination will provide a distinguished and poignant platform for engagement, covering the breadth of the Wealth industry.
As the world becomes more digitally reliant, demand for technological solutions in Wealth and Asset management from the breadth of investor profiles greatly increases in capacity. To meet this challenge, and the competition from agile and innovative start-ups and Robos, the traditional organisation must continually anticipate, innovate and collaborate to survive and thrive in an age of digital transformation and expectancy. 
With our refreshed format that will include double the content than 2017, presented by genuine industry gamechangers and thought-leaders, we offer a dedicated arena for the wealth and asset management industry to exchange knowledge, present the latest innovations and develop new strategies and partnerships that will shape the future of Wealth.
Expecting over 400 senior attendees, and a speaker faculty of over 120 speakers from the world’s leading organisations, Wealth 2.0 will be a conversation not to miss. 
“I am looking forward to attending Wealth 2.0 because the seniority of the attendees means this group has the opportunity to shape the future of the industry” - Founding member of The Diversity Project ; Managing Director, Strategic Product Management, BlackRock
Don’t miss out on your chance to be involved as we look forward to creating new partnerships and enhancing existing relationships this year.










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