Lucy Baker, Healthcare Solutions Director, BT Enterprise

Lucy Baker | Healthcare Solutions Director | BT Enterprise » speaking at 5GLIVE

Philip Baulch, Director of Technology & Innovation - Public & Corporate Sectors, BT

Philip Baulch | Director of Technology & Innovation - Public & Corporate Sectors | BT » speaking at 5GLIVE

Jos Beriere, Strategic Business Developer B2B, KPN

Jos Beriere | Strategic Business Developer B2B | KPN » speaking at 5GLIVE

Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis

Dean Bubley | Founder | Disruptive Analysis » speaking at 5GLIVE

Amy Cameron, Principal Analyst, STL Partners

Amy Cameron | Principal Analyst | STL Partners » speaking at 5GLIVE

Andrew Collinson, Research Director, STL Partners

Andrew Collinson | Research Director | STL Partners » speaking at 5GLIVE

Roland da Silva, Strategy Advisor, Independent

Roland da Silva | Strategy Advisor | Independent » speaking at 5GLIVE

Sebastiano Di Filippo, Senior Director Business Development, Qualcomm Europe, Inc.

Sebastiano Di Filippo | Senior Director Business Development | Qualcomm Europe, Inc. » speaking at 5GLIVE

Umberto Ferrero, 5G & Digital Transformation, VP, TIM

Umberto Ferrero | 5G & Digital Transformation, VP | TIM » speaking at 5GLIVE

Jason Inskeep, Director, 5G Centre of Excellence, AT&T

Ellinor Jepsson, Head of 5G Innovation Hub, TDC Net & Ericsson, TDC NET

Ellinor Jepsson | Head of 5G Innovation Hub, TDC Net & Ericsson | TDC NET » speaking at 5GLIVE

Alcino Lavrador, General Manager, Altice Labs

Alcino Lavrador | General Manager | Altice Labs » speaking at 5GLIVE

Carlo Melis, Chief Network Officer, Three

Carlo Melis | Chief Network Officer | Three » speaking at 5GLIVE

Andreas Müller, General Chair, 5G-ACIA

Andreas Müller | General Chair | 5G-ACIA » speaking at 5GLIVE

Brendan O'Reilly, Group Chief Technology Officer, BAI Communications

Brendan O'Reilly | Group Chief Technology Officer | BAI Communications » speaking at 5GLIVE

Lisa Perkins, Adastral Park & Research Realisation Director, BT Plc

Lisa Perkins | Adastral Park & Research Realisation Director | BT Plc » speaking at 5GLIVE

Nathan Pierce, Programme Director, Sharing Cities & Head of Smart London Team, Greater London Authority

Sam Salih, 5G Private Networks Lead, Telefonica

Sam Salih | 5G Private Networks Lead | Telefonica » speaking at 5GLIVE

Marc Sauter, Head Of Mobile Private Networks, Vodafone Business

Tony Sceales, Head Of 5G Programme Development, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

Tony Sceales | Head Of 5G Programme Development | Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) » speaking at 5GLIVE

Vassilis Seferidis, Lead Partner, 5G-ENCODE

Vassilis Seferidis | Lead Partner | 5G-ENCODE » speaking at 5GLIVE

Zohar Singer, Clalit Hospitals Digital Manager, Clalit Health Services

Zohar Singer | Clalit Hospitals Digital Manager | Clalit Health Services » speaking at 5GLIVE

Johannes Springer, Lead 5G Automotive Program, T-Systems

Anuradha Udunuwara, Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC

Anuradha Udunuwara | Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect | Sri Lanka Telecom PLC » speaking at 5GLIVE

Arnaud Vamparys, Senior Vice President Of Radio Networks And 5G Group Champion, Orange

Pieter Veenstra, Senior Manager Product Development - Security and Routing, NetNumber Inc

Pieter Veenstra | Senior Manager Product Development - Security and Routing | NetNumber Inc » speaking at 5GLIVE




Mylo Higginson




Rowan Thomson




James Llewellyn