Best use of Big Data & Analytics


Open to: All companies operating in the Middle East, Central and South Asia and North Africa.

The Middle East will be defined by the following countries for the purpose of the award - GCC countries (to include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates), Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Palestine Territories and Turkey. 

Central and South Asia will be defined by the following countries for the purpose of the award - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

North Africa will be defined by the following countries for the purpose of the award - Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania.


About this category:  

This award recognises the Middle Eastern brand who has most effectively and efficiently used big data and analytics to develop new and interesting products, benefit the direction of business by enabling informed decisions, reduce fraud and enhance the overall customer experience. 

It will be awarded for an insight or group of insights that had a significant impact on brand strategy.
Judges will be looking for the best use of research or database development to provide information on consumer behaviour that has resulted in measurable improvements in brand performance.
The judges will evaluate rigour of the research process, discovery of genuine insights, creative application of the research, change to consumer attitudes and improved brand performance.



Entrants will be judged on their answers to the following questions: (Answers to each question will be cut off after 250 words) 

  1. Provide the name of your company and basic premise 
  2. Name your key partners and solution providers
  3. How have you used analytics to better develop your business strategy in 2017? 
  4. How have you used big data to predict customer trends and how were able to respond effectively? 
  5. How are you harnessing both external and internal data sets? How does this benefit your business? 
  6. How are you using advanced analytics to combat fraud and cyberthreats?
  7. How much is big data able to contribute to brand growth, consumer database and revenue growth across the business? 
  8. How has your data and analytics strategy has enabled you to stand out compared to your competition