Sponsor EDUtech Philippines 2022


Lead generation

Each presentation and panel session will receive approximately 200+ sign ups. Of these it is expected 50% to watch the presentation, either when it is broadcast or on-demand. As a sponsor you will have access to all the registrations to your sessions. We run very high quality physical events, the quality of leads that register to the virtual event are comparable.


Thought leadership

Take a stand-alone presentation or host a live panel session and be seen as a leader in the education technology space. Position your company and your leaders as those driving innovation and adoption across the Philippines.


Brand awareness

By sponsoring a session at the virtual event your logo and brand will be seen by tens of thousands of educators from across the Philippines.


Meet (virtually) face to face

Virtual meetings have become the new norm. You can select those you’d like to meet from the list of registered participants. We’ll then set up and host a 15 minute virtual meeting with you and your selected participants. You could also host one of our roundtable sessions where you’ll get to, virtually, meet 10-20 participants.


Why go virtual?


In a world where travel is no longer possible and physical meetings banned a virtual event offers you:


High "touch" low effort
Volume of qualified leads
No travel costs
"Meet" with customers
No stand build
Lower investment



Get involved


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