With the explosion of new and innovative ecommerce companies over the past 12 months, Seamless Middle East presents one of the biggest opportunities in the region. Visit the Start-Up Zone to meet groundbreaking start-ups in the regional commerce space.


A few of the industry disrupting start-ups at Seamless 2018 were:


Dave.AI at Seamless Middle East 2018


Dave.AI is an Intelligent Sales Companion that is reinventing the buying experience for customers in offline retail using state of the art Artificial Intelligence. Dave.AI powers In-Store Sales Staff using a mobile/tablet application or can be used in a kiosk as a virtual sales person. Dave.AI features unique features enabling retailers to provide an elevated product discovery experience for customers & drive incremental revenues. 

Visit Dave.AI at Stand E-W6


AKYASI (meaning 'my bags' in Arabic) is a new and unique mobile application which aims to facilitate a seamless and hassle-free experience for its users.  In collectivising shopping districts, logistics operations and the shoppers themselves, this innovative application, through easy-to-use technology, aims to make shopping fun again through allowing users to enjoy a care-free shopping journey.  Thus, users of the AKYASI application no longer have to worry about carrying overloaded bags while strolling around shopping districts, diving in and out of shops and restaurants and most exhaustingly, when making the long trek to the car park after calling it a day. 

Visit AKYASI at Stand E-V30




Tinyclues is the leading AI-first Marketing Campaign Intelligence solution enabling
companies to generate additional revenue through intelligent campaign targeting and planning.
Tinyclues’ solution uses Deep Artificial Intelligence to identify future buyers for any
promoted item, even in the absence of recent intent.

Visit Tinyclues Places at Stand E-U31




Snash is a mobile application that helps FMCG brands to access the basket size & identify consumer-purchasing habits. With the lack of accurate consumers’ data in the region and the excess spending in offline media, Snash is the first mobile platform in the Middle East, which provides partnering brands with REAL & LIVE consumer data for FMCG brands. Such data is provided through driving shoppers to purchase, validate their purchase via a photo of the receipt and then rewarding them with various monetary awards and gifts. 

Visit Snash at Stand E-W4