Explore our interactive and experiential workshops offering tools and techniques that educators can implement to help students develop their creative, collaborative and technical skills, as well as out-of-the-box thinking. These workshops are simple, effective and hands-on. They have been designed by teachers for teachers and focus on staying up-to-date with new classroom technology, applications and practices. They will equip you with the knowledge you need to integrate the tools into your lessons straight away.

Workshop topics

Pre-Conference Workshops, Tuesday 20 February 2018

Emie Baylon
Pre-Conference Workshops

Blended learning

The proponents are EdTech practitioners and classroom facilitators from De La Salle Zobel School. Miss Emie Baylon is the current HS EdTech Coordinator of DLSZ while Mr. Daniel Encinas is a HS English Faculty of the same institution. Both are Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and Microsoft Certified Educators. Miss Baylon is an Apple Distinguished Educator, cohort of 2017 and a member of the Gooru Innovative Fellow, cohort for 2016.
Course Brief:  The session provides a glimpse on the effective Blended Models and Environments designed for a better classroom experience.  Participants are given a
Target Audience: This course caters to classroom teachers, curriculum designers and decision makers of
education institution
  • Present models and environments of Blended Learning in the Classroom
  • Provide a planning design that can be used as guide in planning a Blended Learning Lesson
  • Present student and teacher feedback about experiences on using Blended Learning
  • Present possible tools for observation for Blended Learning Class
  • Present some ‘hacks’ on effective execution of Blended Learning models and environments
What to bring:
  • Mobile learning devices (preferably tablets or laptops) and
  • Internet service Providers (all materials will be given online)
Reflective questions:
  • What is Blended Learning? Am I applying Blended Learning in my classroom?
  • How do I know Blended Learning models and environment?
  • Is applying Blended Learning in class effective?
Pre-Conference Workshops

Design Thinking

Pre-Conference Workshops

How to be an inclusive school

A workshop designed to give a practical, lightning overview on how to design and implement effective inclusive education, working from current contexts of educators.


·         Define inclusive education

·         Develop a clear vision for leadership that develops schools that are accessible and effective

·         Learn practical implementation and approaches to educating children with special needs in general settings

·         Improve individual practice through implementation of principles of universal design

·         Collaborate effectively with colleagues in the promotion of a flexible problem-solving school culture

·         Begin, initiate and commit to sustain inclusive educational environments


Morning session 10am-12pm

·         Inclusion Principles and Paradigms

·         Workshop: aligning knowledge and paradigms- where are we - right now?

·         Role Clarification for effective collaboration educators (sped and general), parents, interventionists, doctors)

Lunch 12pm-1.30pm

Afternoon session 1.30pm-4pm

·         Workshop: Program Planning

·         Workshop: Accessing the General curriculum (developing Individualized Education Programs, lessons plans and assessment frameworks that incorporate inclusion contexts)

·         Inclusion myth-busting and moving forward, (generating doable goals for inclusion)

·         Q & A



Pre-Conference Workshops

STEM Pedagogy

Pre-Conference Workshops

Transforming HEIs for the K-12 era

The 4-hour session will be divided into three (3) segments:
1. Building the Teach Together community,
2. Capacity-building for HEIs offering SHS, and
3. Strategic development of HEIs and personnel
The Building the Teach Together Community segment will be presented by Maria Lorena Guray Narciso, Materials Development Officer of CHED K to 12 Transition Program. She will talk about the instructional materials developed for SHS teachers by CHED and the Teach Together portal as a collaboration space for teachers and experts. (30mins)
The segment on Capacity-Building for HEIs Offering SHS will be presented by Kristofer Kliatchko, Teacher Training Officer of CHED K to 12 Transition Program. He will discuss the Saysay-Husay-Sarili framework and the inquiry-based pedagogy in the delivery of STEM teacher training. (45mins)
The Strategic Development of HEIs and Personnel segment will be moderated by Justin III Edward Modesto, Lead for Instruction, Research, & Sectoral Engagement of CHED K to 12 Transition Program. He will be joined on stage by research grantees who will present their studies funded through CHED. This segment will be opened to participants for questions regarding grant application processes for HEI faculty. (1.5hrs)
The session will be facilitated by Johnet Lopez, Teacher Training Officer of CHED K to 12 Transition Program.
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