By bringing together the leading thinkers in education in the Philippines, EduTECH Philippines will inspire the audience and challenge them to think differently. We’re inviting over 60 inspirational speakers, all brimming with ideas and a passion to inspire change in education.


The entire event is focused on 21st century education for all. And to deliver this effectively the conference is divided into four tracks:

K-12 leaders

  • Leadership 
  • The future of teaching 
  • Assessment and evaluation 
  • 21st century skills

Tertiary leaders

  • Students of the future 
  • Changing the delivery of Higher ed 
  • Physical facilities and sustainable environments 
  • Future skills

IT Leaders

  • Infrastructure Deployment 
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Data 
  • Security


  • Future skills 
  • Attracting educators 
  • Engaging Industry 
  • Distance Learning






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