P Marlon C Valencia | Vice Director for In-plant Operations
Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise

P Marlon C Valencia, Vice Director for In-plant Operations, Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise

Current Work:
•    Vice Director for In-plant Operations
•    Scholarships Officer
•    Coordinator, Teachers Training Program

Previously as:
•    Quality Management Representative
•    Industry Linkage Officer
•    Member, Committee on Academic Standards
Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise
San Jose, Cebu City Philippines 6000
Office: (63-32) 346 1611     Mobile: (63) 925 836 2894
Email:  valencia.mc@cite.edu.ph ; whitehouse2005@gmail.com 

•    Diploma in Professional Education (UC)
•    Diploma in Industrial Technician Program – Electrical Technology (CITE)
•    Diploma: Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Matsushita Gobel Institute Indonesia)
•    Diploma: Quality Control Management (Japan AOTS)
•    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (CIT-U & UC)
•    Bachelor of Industrial Psychology (USJR)
•    Master in Business Management (USJR)
•    Accreditors Course: Designing and Accrediting Engineering Education (CHED)
•    Accreditors Course: National Service Training Program Officers (UP)


EduTECH Philippines 2018 Day 1 @ 14:20

Panel: Rethinking accreditation to best serve institutions and industry

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