Patrick Sins | Professor, School of Education
Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Patrick Sins, Professor, School of Education, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Since November 2010 Sins has been working as a lecturer in Renewal Education at the Academy for Pedagogy and Education at Saxion in Deventer. Here, he has the task of generating a further tightening of the educational vision of effectively demonstrated didactic approaches based on the writing of critical scientific considerations on the one hand and the carrying out of practice-relevant scientific studies on the other. He coordinates the research that takes place within his professorship, which includes:

  1. Educational effectiveness 
  2. Professional development of teachers 
  3. Wide formation 
  4. Stimulate self-directed learning


EduTECH Philippines 2018 Day 2 @ 16:00

Capitalizing on international collaboration to mutually advance higher education, research and teacher training

EduTECH Philippines 2018 - Seminar Theatre Day 2 @ 14:00

How to be an inclusive school

A workshop designed to give a practical, lightning overview on how to design and implement effective inclusive education, working from current contexts of educators.


  • Define inclusive education
  • Develop a clear vision for leadership that develops schools that are accessible and effective
  • Learn practical implementation and approaches to educating children with special needs in general settings Improve individual practice through implementation of principles of universal design
  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues in the promotion of a flexible problem-solving school culture
  • Begin, initiate and commit to sustain inclusive educational environments
Session details Inclusion Principles and Paradigms Workshop:
  • Aligning knowledge and paradigms- where are we - right now?
  • Role Clarification for effective collaboration educators (sped and general), parents, interventionists, doctors)
  • Workshop: Program
  • Planning Workshop:
  • Accessing the General curriculum (developing Individualized Education Programs, lessons plans and assessment frameworks that incorporate inclusion contexts)
  • Inclusion myth-busting and moving forward, (generating doable goals for inclusion)
  • Q & A

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