Elias M. Sampa | Curriculum and Academic Programs Director
Australian International School

Elias M. Sampa, Curriculum and Academic Programs Director, Australian International School

Dr. Elias M. Sampa joined the Australian International School in 2014 as Head of Curriculum and Programs with the responsibility of initiating Outcome Based thinking and implementation across its various programs in K-12, undergraduate and post graduate degree levels. Today, he is concurrently responsible for MG International School, Australian International School, and the Australian Institute for Higher Education, a transnational provider of Bachelor’s Degrees in Accountancy with the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and the MBA Executive program with Bradford University’s School of Business and Law. In this capacity, he designs and delivers faculty development trainings in a wide range of capacity building areas and he oversees curriculum implementation of various programs, including DepEd K-12, Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), IB Diploma, and IGCSE. He has lectured at Bradford University School of Management’s MBA Program in Manila (including mentoring students in Management Project Paper writing); at the Australian Catholic University in Manila; at Trinity University of Asia; Northern Quezon Community College Inc., and at Arellano University Graduate School of Education. Elias has authored and co-authored several textbooks, published research, and presented papers at education conferences locally and internationally on topics of significance. His research on faculty readiness for OBE in Higher Education (2014) has guided his conduct of faculty OBE training at various universities, colleges and schools on: curriculum design, alignment and implementation; facilitating learning; and auditing protocols related to institutional readiness, curriculum, learning experience, and assessment – all related to OBE and Technology Integration. He was among the presenters at the 3rd Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning Lignan University Hong Kong, 8-11th June 2011; Speaker at EduTech Philippines 2017 and a Keynote Speaker for Edutech South Africa 2017 in Johannesburg. In addition, he is an accreditor under the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU-AAI), a member agency of the Federation of the Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP). He is a member of the International Network for Outcome Based Education Leadership Team headed by Dr. William Spady, Founder and Director, USA.


EduTECH Philippines 2018 Day 1 @ 14:00

Assessing the changing role of the educator in the 21st Century classroom

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