Early Sol Gadong | Assistant Professor
University Of The Philippines - Visayas

Early Sol Gadong, Assistant Professor, University Of The Philippines - Visayas

Early Sol Gadong received her BS in Applied Mathematics degree at the University of the Philippines Visayas, where she also completed her Master of Education (Mathematics) degree. Among her passions are merging literature, culture, and mathematics to provide a more holistic and contextualized approach to learning. Her research on Metacognition, e-Learning, Ethnomathematics, and Writing-to-Learn in Mathematics has allowed her to present her findings both locally and abroad, winning a number of Best Paper Awards in the process. She has published her research articles in academic journals and is also one of the editors of Vibal’s Physics textbook for Senior High School. Professor Gadong’s public service engagements place a focus on teacher training programs and module-development endeavors that facilitate contextualized instruction and learning. She currently teaches Mathematics, Education, and Statistics courses at UP Visayas. She is the recipient of the 2017 UPV Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Performance as an Assistant Professor.


EduTECH Philippines - Conference Day 1 @ 15:15

The need for collaboration to ensure contextualization

last published: 18/Feb/19 08:45 GMT

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