Abigail Mapua-Cabanilla | Director, Hub of Innovation for Inclusion
De La Salle University - College of Saint Benilde

Abigail Mapua-Cabanilla, Director, Hub of Innovation for Inclusion, De La Salle University - College of Saint Benilde

ABIGAIL MAPUA-CABANILLA, the Director of the Hub of Innovation for Inclusion (HIFI) of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, is a seeker with a profound burden for the current state and health of our world.  She believes that we can build new systems and shape the future we deserve.  Her practice in the fields of Environmental Science, Community-Based Resource Management, and Experience Design exposed her to the key importance of listening and empathizing with the needs and values of people.  Engaging individuals and communities to adopt a lifestyle of sustainability and become agents in the promotion of social equity weigh the heaviest in her life purpose and work.  Having worked in the academe, particularly in the area of design and sustainability, presented her with the opportunity to cross-pollinate across disciplines, involve students and faculty, and facilitate collaboration and co-creation with communities and  their very real challenges.  Abi took the lead in the founding and establishment of the Hub of Innovation For Inclusion (HIFI) of the College of Saint Benilde. 
Abi is also Co-Founder and Sustainability Driver at KindMind, an experience design laboratory that helps organizations grow by creating brand moments for their users. 
Abi is a regular speaker and facilitator of human-centered innovation among universities and corporate partners.  
Abi is a Fellow at the UnSchool of Disruptive Design, with a certification on Experience Design from Kaospilot Denmark, and Management of Innovations from Stanford University.   


EduTECH Philippines 2018 - Seminar Theatre Day 1 @ 10:00

Teaching social innovation through design thinking

We are entering a new and disruptive era where knowledge, economy, technology, government, religion and social structures are shifting at an unbelievable speed.  This new era also promises to change learning so dramatically, as it is starting to do now with the rapid development of digital technologies, the growth of free online and/or distance learning, and shifts in the educational philosophies to accommodate the disruption technology has done to the world.  
Responding to this need is the development of the Partnership for 21st Century skills (P21) framework where the need to teach critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity is emphasized.  The quest for the teaching-learning approach for P21 has brought keen interest in Design Thinking (DT) because of its ability to advance creativity, critical thinking and innovation through an empathetic, collaborative, flexible and iterative approach in order to generate user-focused ideas, products, services or experiences.
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (Benilde) is a Philippine higher education institution guided by its two-fold goal of innovation and inclusion.  Through the Hub of Innovation for Inclusion (HIFI), the innovation space for social good in Benilde and beyond, endeavors to teach creativity and social innovation through DT in order to create tangible and sustainable solutions that will help the marginalized.
In this workshop, representatives from Benilde will facilitate a 4.5-hour Design Thinking Sprint simulating the creative process in order to generate a user-focused idea that will answer the problem of food waste in schools.  It is expected that participants will immerse themselves in the DT process and in so doing identify how they can apply the approach in their own institutions.

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