From the most exclusive of international schools and universities through to the poorest and most remote institutions, Filipino education is being fundamentally transformed by the power of technology.

Despite this, the core way that we teach remains rooted in traditional approaches to learning. In order for the full value of technology to be unleashed within our education systems, there is an equally important discussion that needs to be had around what the future of pedagogy and educational institutions themselves should look like.


This is what EduTECH Philippines is all about.

Rather than viewing technology as an end in itself, or as a bolt on to otherwise unaffected educational practices, we instead look at technology as holding the keys to a fundamental, end to end transformation of the purpose and delivery of education. It’s that important.


The reason why this is so critical is simple. Today’s students will make up tomorrow’s workforce. Our young people will in the future be challenged in ways that we cannot possibly imagine by tectonic changes in what it is to be a working professional.

Not only will they need to be technically savvy, but more fundamentally they will need to be adaptable, resilient and independent. And instilling these abilities means a total reassessment of how we teach.


At EduTECH Philippines we pride ourselves on bringing together thousands of educators from across the country to evaluate and plan for the future of learning.

Part of a series of events that spans the globe, attendees benefit from the very latest in teaching strategies, cutting edge technologies and collaboration opportunities.

Join us!






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