Alexan Commercial


Alexan Commercial was established in 1972 and started out as a distributor of semiconductor components. It was incorporated in 1997 under the company name Ace Electronic Technology Inc. Over four decades into the business, Alexan has become a household name to ECE students, as well as electronic enthusiasts and hobbyists. At present, it aims to establish closer ties with the academe. It believes that the convergence of the academe’s strong educational foundation and the industry’s application of STEM tools and applications will help tremendously in shaping the country’s future engineers. 

Alexan carries an impressive array of electronic components, production tools, test instruments, universal programmers and equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as microcontroller applications such as power-on-delay, digital power supply, taximeters etc. It has also released different Arduino modules (called AceDuino) and an updated digital trainer. Alexan is also a perennial exhibitor during the annual bookfair as it showcases educational and professional books to complement and support its products.

Fairly recently, Alexan has tied up with Abilix, which is one of the leading brands on educational robots with around 20 years of experience in tailoring STEM projects for over 10,000 schools in more than 31 countries. Abilix is also the only appointed contest equipment of the annual World Educational Robot Contest, with more than 300,000 participants from 20 countries. With this partnership, Alexan believes it will be the wave that will propel the Philippines into the future as it encourages the youth of today to experience building, creating and innovating thru the robotic kits it will introduce.