connect:ID 2019 features speakers representing a wide range of stakeholders across the international identity industry. These include experts from government bodies, standards groups, academia, NGOs and industry leaders.
Please see below a list of speakers already confirmed for connect:ID 2019 , new expert speakers will be added regularly. For speaking and conference programme enquiries please contact Laura Camplisson

Bob Schukai, Senior Vice President, Identity Solutions, Mastercard

Minister Jorge Alvarez, Minister Representative to the United States, Ministry of Finance, Mexican Embassy

John Wagner, Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Stacey Fitzmaurice, Executive Assistant Administrator for Operations Support, U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Max Constant, CCO, AnyVision

Kris Ranganath, Vice President, Technology And Solutions, NEC

Peter Martis, Director Of Global Sales, Innovatrics

Kenneth Gantt, Public Affairs Officer, DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management

Kathryn Alsbrooks, Senior Director, Government ID Solutions, HID Global

Richa Arora, Director, National Digital Identity Strategy Lead, Deloitte

Sunpreet Arora, Research Scientist, Identity and Risk Products, Visa

Negash Assefa, Deputy Director Information Technology, Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

Eduardo Azanza Ladron, Chief Executive Officer, Veridas

Dr Robert Baillieu, Health Policy Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians

David Benini, Vice President, Marketing & Product, Aware, Inc.

David Benini | Vice President, Marketing & Product | Aware, Inc. » speaking at connect:ID

Debra Bernard, partner, Perkins Coie LLP

Ramsey Billups, Biometrics Vice President, Thales Group

Steve Block, Director of US Federal Public Policy, Amazon Web Services

Chris Boehnen, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Chris Boehnen |  | Office of the Director of National Intelligence » speaking at connect:ID

Brent Bombach, Director Of Government Relations, NEC

John Boyd, Assistant Director Futures Identity, DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management

Bernard Brafman, Vice President Of Business Development, Sensory Inc

Bernard Brafman | Vice President Of Business Development | Sensory Inc » speaking at connect:ID

Andrew Bud, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, iProov

Dan Butnaru, Director Business Developpment, IDnomic

Greg Cannon, Vice President And Chief Technology Officer, Crossmatch

Ciaran Carolan, Research and Development Officer, eu-LISA

Daniel Castro, Vice President, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Alex Chan, Project Manager, Heimdal System

Alex Chan | Project Manager | Heimdal System » speaking at connect:ID

Werner Cilliers, Senior Project ManagerIP Projects & Logistics, BioRugged

Werner Cilliers | Senior Project ManagerIP Projects & Logistics | BioRugged » speaking at connect:ID

Tom Clancy, Idam And Pki Lead, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Sarah Clark, IDEMIA

Sarah Clark |  | IDEMIA » speaking at connect:ID

Rosaline Cohen, Chief Counsel, House Committee on Homeland Security

Debora Comparin, Chair, Open API Working Group, Secure Identity Alliance

Melissa Conley, TSA Program Analyst, T.S.A.

Melissa Conley | TSA Program Analyst | T.S.A. » speaking at connect:ID

Steve Crout, Director, Policy and Resilience Program, Smart Cities Council

Gerard Dache, President, Government Blockchain Association

Gerard Dache | President | Government Blockchain Association » speaking at connect:ID

Luis De La Cruz, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Unifyia

Luis De La Cruz | Head of Strategic Partnerships | Unifyia » speaking at connect:ID

Raghu Dev, World Wide Identity and Access Management Lead, IBM

Raghu Dev | World Wide Identity and Access Management Lead | IBM » speaking at connect:ID

Scott Dueweke, President and Founder, The Identity and Payments Association

Bill Dumont, Sales Director, Innovatrics

Troy Eberhardt, Section Chief, Research And Development, Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory

Chris Edwards, Chief Technical Officer, Intercede Limited

Chris Edwards | Chief Technical Officer | Intercede Limited » speaking at connect:ID

Rich Eicher, Founder, ID123

Rich Eicher | Founder | ID123 » speaking at connect:ID

Kelli Emerick, President, 121 Government Relations and Strategies

Kelli Emerick | President | 121 Government Relations and Strategies » speaking at connect:ID

Lars Ericson, Program Manager, IARPA, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Mark Erlich, Eid Interoperability Expert Advisor, Estonian Information System Authority

Calvin Fabre, President, Envoc

Calvin Fabre | President | Envoc » speaking at connect:ID

Richard Fenrich, Chief Executive Officer, Identification International, Inc

Allen Ganz, Vice President Customer Experience, NEC Corporation of America

Allen Ganz | Vice President Customer Experience | NEC Corporation of America » speaking at connect:ID

Hubert Gattet, Technical Officer, Facilitation Section, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Martin George, Consultant, OVD Kinegram AG

Elizabeth Gil, Forensic Document Examiner, Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director, GlobalPlatform

Ian Glazer, Vice President Of Identity Product Management And Founder, Salesforce / IDPro

Ian Glazer | Vice President Of Identity Product Management And Founder | Salesforce / IDPro » speaking at connect:ID

Shaun Grannis, Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics, Regenstrief Institute

Jeremy Grant, President, Better Identity Coalition

Paul Grassi, Partner And Svp Of Cybersecurity, Easy Dynamics Corp.

Paul Grassi | Partner And Svp Of Cybersecurity | Easy Dynamics Corp. » speaking at connect:ID

David Grauel, HART Program Manager, DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management

Patrick Grother, Biometrics Evaluator, NIST

Hakan Gultekin, CTO, Chooch AI

Hakan Gultekin | CTO | Chooch AI » speaking at connect:ID

Sung Hyun Ha, Program Manager, Entry/Exit Transformation Office, Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Walter Hamilton, Senior Consultant, Identification Technology Partners

Johannes Harkema, Government Identity Consultant & Lead, Experian

Johannes Harkema | Government Identity Consultant & Lead | Experian » speaking at connect:ID

Terry Hartmann, Vice President Asia Pacific, Cognitec Systems

Patrick Hearn, CEO, Endeavor

Patrick Hearn | CEO | Endeavor » speaking at connect:ID

Diego Saenz Herce, BDM, Herta Security

Diego Saenz Herce | BDM | Herta Security » speaking at connect:ID

Tracy Hulver, Senior Director, Digital Identity, IDEMIA

Tracy Hulver | Senior Director, Digital Identity | IDEMIA » speaking at connect:ID

Brian Hunt, Program Manager, Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency

Brian Hunt | Program Manager | Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency » speaking at connect:ID

Chris Hurrey, Border Control Technology Consultant, EU PROTECT

Benji Hutchinson, Vice President, Federal Operations, NEC

Loffie Jordaan, Business Solutions Architect, AAMVA

Stephanie K Gupta, Senior Vice President, American Association of Airport Executives

Stephanie K Gupta | Senior Vice President | American Association of Airport Executives » speaking at connect:ID

Simo Karppinen, Head Of Unit, Driving Licences, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency

Christian Kessler, Business Relationships and Innovation Manager, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Matthew King, Director - SAFE-BioPharma, Safe Biopharma Association

Matthew King | Director - SAFE-BioPharma | Safe Biopharma Association » speaking at connect:ID

Alexander Kizer, Director of Strategic Research and Senior Associate, Energy Futures Initiative

Brendan Klare, CEO, Rank One Computing

Brendan Klare | CEO | Rank One Computing » speaking at connect:ID

Josh Kolchins, Head of US Federal Sales, Vision-Box

Keith Kowal, Director Product Marketing, Trusted Key

Keith Kowal | Director Product Marketing | Trusted Key » speaking at connect:ID

David Krasinski, Director of Identity Risk Solutions, Neustar Inc

David Krasinski | Director of Identity Risk Solutions | Neustar Inc » speaking at connect:ID

Tovah LaDier, Managing Director, IBIA

Jean-Francois Lennon, Vice President Sales And Marketing, Vision-Box

Kurt Lieber, Chairperson, Identity Working Group, Health Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (H-ISAC)

Mark Lockie, Managing Director, Science Media Partners

James Loudermilk, Senior Director, Innovation And Customer Solutions, IDEMIA

Richard Madison, Senior Director Mortgage Education Programs, Mortgage Education Programs

Swapna Malekar, Product Lead, Royal Bank of Canada

Jeff Maynard, Chief Executive Officer, Biometric Signature ID

Niall McCann, Lead Electoral Advisor/ Focal Point on Legal Identity, UNDP

Forest McConnell, General Counsel, House Committee on Homeland Security

Mike McCaskill, Chief Administrative Officer (Florida Higway Patrol), AAMVA

Mike McCaskill | Chief Administrative Officer (Florida Higway Patrol) | AAMVA » speaking at connect:ID

Alan Mcquinn, Senior Analyst, Information Technology And Innovation Foundation

John Mears, Vice Chairman, IBIA

Tim Meyerhoff, Director, Iris ID Systems

Jean-Baptiste Milan, Chair, Mobility Working Group, International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA)

Christopher Miles, Deputy Director, Standards Integration And Application, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Hans Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Airside Mobile Inc

Hans Miller | Chief Executive Officer | Airside Mobile Inc » speaking at connect:ID

Ute Miller, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Security Solutions, Mastercard

Vishwath Mohan, Senior Software Engineer, Google

Ben Moscovitch, Project Director, Health Information Technology, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Vincent Mota, Product Director Digital, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Mohammed Murad, Vice President Of Global Sales And Business Development, Iris I.D.

Mohammed Murad | Vice President Of Global Sales And Business Development | Iris I.D. » speaking at connect:ID

Sumeet Naikwade, COO/Director, WeKonnect SmartCards P Ltd

Sumeet Naikwade | COO/Director | WeKonnect SmartCards P Ltd » speaking at connect:ID

Patrick Nemeth, Identity Operations Director, DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management

Igor Oliveira, Solutions & Technology Director, Vision-Box

Igor Oliveira | Solutions & Technology Director | Vision-Box » speaking at connect:ID

Jennifer O'Rourke, Co-Founder and President, Attest

Paige Paxton, Field Administrator, State of Louisianna Office of Motor Vehicles

Paige Paxton | Field Administrator | State of Louisianna Office of Motor Vehicles » speaking at connect:ID

Danny Peleg, Director of Business Development, AnyVision

Danny Peleg | Director of Business Development | AnyVision » speaking at connect:ID

John Peters, Head Of New Business, OVD Kinegram

Anthony Pizzari, Senior Program Officer, Canada Border Services Agency

Tony Poole, President, Document Security Alliance

Javier Preciozzi, Adjoint Professor, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Matthew Pruitt, Chair, Advances in Biometric Technologies Working Group, IBIA

Matthew Pruitt | Chair, Advances in Biometric Technologies Working Group | IBIA » speaking at connect:ID

Vivek Raghavan, Chief Product Manager and Biometric Architect, Unique Identification Authority Of India

Sue Ramanathan, Senior Counsel, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee

Christian Revilla, General Manager, Passenger Facilitation and Corporate Security, Delta Air Lines

PJ Rivera, Vice President, Planning and Services, Mariott International

Vangelis Sakkopoulos, Professor, University of Piraeus

Stephanie Schuckers, Director, Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR), Clarkson University

Tarvinder Sembhi, Product Manager, Identity Strategy, Verizon

Fred Shiner, Technology Integration Manager, United States Marshals Service

Lambert Sonna, Chief Executive Officer, GLOBAL ID SA

Lambert Sonna | Chief Executive Officer | GLOBAL ID SA » speaking at connect:ID

Geoff Slagle, Director, Identity Management (AAMVA), AAMVA

Ted Sobel, U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Ted Sobel |  | U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) » speaking at connect:ID

Charlyn Stanberry, Chief of Staff, US House of Representatives

Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst, American Civil Liberties Union

Annet Steenbergen, Chair, Passenger Facilitation Working Group, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Sherry Stein, Chief Technology Officer, SITA

Sherry Stein | Chief Technology Officer | SITA » speaking at connect:ID

Diane Stephens, Biometric Standards Coordinator, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Jan-Niklas Strehler, Secure Identity Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors

Nina Suchankova, Business Development Manager, North America, Innovatrics

Prakash Sundaresan, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Trusted Key

Suraj Sudhakaran, Digital Identities Program Director, Thales

Suraj Sudhakaran | Digital Identities Program Director | Thales » speaking at connect:ID

Jason Thompson, Assistant Chief, United States Border Patrol

Matthew Thompson, Senior Vice President Civil Identity, IDEMIA

Paul Townsend, Senior Account Executive, Government Systems, Acuant

Paul Townsend | Senior Account Executive, Government Systems | Acuant » speaking at connect:ID

Jenny Urban, Director of Compliance, CLEAR

Jason Van Sice, Advanced Recognition Systems Director, NEC Corporation of America

Sylvie Vandevelde, Head Of Marketing And Communication, Belgian Mobile ID

Arun Vemury, Program Manager, Science and Technology Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Antonio Virzì, CEO, Biid

Antonio Virzì | CEO | Biid » speaking at connect:ID

Marsel Wachter, Consultant, Population Office, City of Amsterdam

Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative

Larry Wang, Business Director, Cornerstone Identity

Larry Wang | Business Director | Cornerstone Identity » speaking at connect:ID

Paul Warren, Head of Product, Keyless Technologies

Nicole Williams, Director Of Field Marketing, North America, Gemalto, a Thales company

Michelle Wilson, Unknown, Department of State

Brian Wood, Device Security Certification Manager, Samsung Research America

Michelle Woods, Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Michelle Woods | Senior Policy Advisor | U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs » speaking at connect:ID


Speakers may be subject to change