P.A.ID Strategies

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P.A.ID Strategies has been formed to provide and develop market intelligence and custom research to companies and organisations looking to better understand their environments and find a way to move forward in the face of disruptive technologies and competition.
Our primary focus is on Payments, Authentication, Identity (P.A.ID) and the Security and Connectivity of people, devices, objects and transactions in an increasingly digitised and connected world. P.A.ID Strategies builds upon more than 15 years’ experience assessing companies, their products and strategies across commercial, enterprise, financial, government, industrial and retail sectors. 
P.A.ID Strategies is different in that it pulls together these strands, understanding how they depend upon, effect and relate to each other; not just in terms of devices, technology and vendors but for service delivery, user acceptance and go to market strategy. 
With a proven track record of delivering critical market insight and intelligence we are heavily involved with solutions and technologies addressing mobile and online, including smart cards, NFC, mobile payments, ID cards, transportation and ticketing, connectivity, IoT, digital credentials and embedded security. P.A.ID Strategies is founded upon the belief that we can help our clients understand the increasingly complex and competitive environments that they are addressing.  
Find out more at: http://paidstrategies.com/