Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity

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The magazine for developments in the security printing and identity management industry

KJD&I is a bi-monthly specialist magazine for and by the users, developers and suppliers in the field of security documents, security printing and identity management. Experts from all over the world offer a unique source of information and insight.
It features: unique insights into the latest trends in areas such as biometrics, e-passports and security printing, sharp analyses, in-depth background articles, gripping editorials, expert contributors and columns.

Alongside the Journal, Keesing has recently published its Annual Report E-passports, a special edition which is published annually. It offers an overview of the security document industry, covers the latest ePassport developments and highlights the new and existing parties in the industry.
Since 2003 there has not been a better specialist magazine for thousands of industry and government professionals worldwide.

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