Innova I.T. Solutions

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Innova, a Turk Telekom Group Company, is a leading software developer and integrator in Turkey which provides innovative platform-free solutions to companies in telco, finance, manufacturing, public, aviation and service industries and more. Innova has two main brands: One of these brands is Kiosk Innova, the leading provider and manufacturer of end-to-end self-service solutions. Kiosk Innova presents its solutions to 15+ countries.
PayFlex Innova is the other brand of Innova and it offers innovative loyalty and payment solutions for companies mainly in finance, telecom and retail industries. Operating in 15 countries, PayFlex reaches 325 million end users with 5,3 billion transactions and transaction volume of 78,5 million.
Innova also offers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions such as ATM Monitoring & Controlling System with its Skywave platform and provides all technologies and infrastructure for Smart City management.