Golchin Smart Media Co.


Golchin Smart Media Co. with more than half a century experience in printing media, by utilizing the specialized and most state of the art systems and technologies to produce smart cards, since 2004, entered the security printing as well as Smart Media fields. New factory of Golchin is placed in 6600 Sqm. with 2000 Sqm, Clean Room which is completely PCI and EMV Compliant.  Golchin Production capacity exceeds 200,000 Pcs. all different kinds of cards (such as Mag. Strip cards, Contact cards, contactless, Dual interface, GSM and etc.) and 80,000 personalization & mailing per day.

Golchin Productions and services:
  • Presenting Know-How and consultation to offer the best security print product.
  • Production of UV offset print jobs.
  • Inlay production
  • Mag. Stripe overlay production
  • Security Printing
  • Mag. stripe cards 
  • Smart cards production (contact, contactless & Dual Interface)
  • Hybrid Cards 
  • GSM cards
  • Loyalty Solutions
  • Metallic Cards (silver, gold)
  • Pin & Scratch cards
  • Physical Personalization (thermal & emboss)
  • Electronic personalization (mag. Stripe, contact & contactless)
  • Mailing