Mr Zachary Steglin | Network Performance Manager Operations
Global Load Control | South Africa

Mr Zachary Steglin, Network Performance Manager Operations, Global Load Control

BIO of Zachary Steglin
Zachary Steglin is the Network Performance Manager with the organisation Global Load Control, a wholly owned South African subsidiary of Lufthansa AG, fulfilling a cross functional role for the organisation in monitoring and controlling activities towards the strategic objectives and developing new and existing business partnerships within the African market. 
Some of Zachary’s previous experience for the last 17 years has been Executive Sales consultant and leading the Imports and debt reconciliation department for US supply chains solution organsation UPS and part of the Property Niche Team in Investec Private Bank.
 Zachary is a graduate of the MDP program and a trained Performance Coach from the University of Stellenbosch, his philosophy in his role is cementing his vast experiential knowledge with the sound foundations of academic thinking and practical application.

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