MetroRail 2016 - innovation & strategy for rail operators and their suppliers


The agenda - it's all about airports and airlines


The VIP conferences cover highly strategic topics and are attended by CEO’s and decision makers from the global aviation and airline industry.

  • Learn about a wide range of issues and challenges
  • Discover future technologies in aviation and airlines
  • Share and unveil new ideas

Aviation Festival Africa, Africa Rail, Africa Ports & Harbours show, The Cargo Show Africa and Transport Safety & Security - by bringing six events together under one roof, you get to choose the sessions most applicable to help your business grow revenues and discover the latest innovations and technology changing the face of Africa.

Who attends?

  • African Airlines full service and low cost
  • International Airlines full service & low cost
  • Civil Aviation Authorities & Government
  • Airport operators
  • Cargo Airlines
  • Financiers
  • Investors
  • Freight & Logistics Operators