Mrs Gaborekwe Esther Khambule | South African Weather Service | South Africa

Mrs Gaborekwe Esther Khambule, , South African Weather Service

Gaborekwe (Gabo) Esther Khambule, a meteorologist, National head of aeronautical weather forecast in SAWS. Non-executive director with South African National Space Agency. She served as aviation, marine and public forecaster. She managed the technology, infrastructure and maintenance unit for a period of 3yrs. She managed marketing and communication for 3yrs within SAWS. She was a finalist in the CEO meritorious awards event of “Most influential women in business and government in Aug 2012. She was recognized for her contribution to the global agenda on the aeronautical meteorology at the recent ICAO/WMO Conjoint in Montreal, in July 2014. She represents SAWS in different fora, nationally and internationally, co-ordinates SAWS Advisory Committee for Aeronautical Meteorology (ACAMS) and is involved in regulated aviation tariffs negotiations.

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