Mr Elvis Ndomo | Head of Revenue
Precision Air Service Plc | United Republic Of Tanzania

Mr Elvis Ndomo, Head of Revenue, Precision Air Service Plc

Elvis Ndomo is a Business Administration professional and a Revenue Management expert with an excellent track record of over 13 years in the airline industry. He majored in Management Science for his undergraduate degree. Elvis joined the world of commercial aviation 14 years ago as an analyst in the Revenue Management department of Kenya Airways. He proved himself immediately and was rewarded with a promotion to a management role within two years of joining the department. Elvis regards the lead role he played as the lead technical advisor in the establishment of a professional and world class RM department at Kenya Airways as one of his key career achievements so far. He is currently engaged in the role of Head of Revenue Management with Precision Air and has helped steady the company’s commercial and revenue performance in an extremely challenging commercial environment. This success was borne out of Elvis’ deep understanding of the airline industry’s success drivers. He also has invaluable General Management experience that he gained during a 3 year stint as Country Manager for Kenya Airways in Burundi. Elvis loves the airline industry and would love to play a key role in the development of the industry in Africa.

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