Boise Rail


Boise Rail – Your complete Diesel Locomotive spare parts solution.
Boise Rail was established in the USA in 2002 and today proudly represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. The business is South African owned and is a dedicated locomotive parts supplier specializing in the serving of the locomotive and railway operators of the Southern Africa region.
Boise Rail has a fundamental understanding of the railway business and access to over 15 000 parts and components .It has established strategic joint ventures and long-term partnerships and is a significant player in the Southern Africa market represented in 6 countries.
Boise Rail is built on honour, trust and integrity and has a foundation of unwavering ethics and quality results and uses advanced business technology, a good supplier network, high quality control, excellent logistics and a strong infrastructure model. 
Boise Rail stands amongst the leaders in the locomotive spare parts supply market.