Jacqueline Menyhart | Program Specialist, L&D
NSW Ambulance | Australia

Jacqueline Menyhart, Program Specialist, L&D, NSW Ambulance

Jacqueline is the Leadership Program Specialist at NSW Ambulance.  She is driven by public service, achieving what is “too dirty, too hard, too complex and too expensive” for the private sector.  After returning from a few years consulting to the legal, banking and NGO sectors in Cambodia, she spent years beyond the black stump, coaching caseworkers and managers in the NSW Child Protection Agency.  Jacqueline’s background is in prosecutions and international crime cooperation.  She most recently worked at the NSW Department of Justice, in organisational development and leading state-wide programs such as Forum Sentencing NSW.  Jacqueline engages learners using her advocacy experience in forums such as courts, and the OECD/ Asia Development Bank Anti-Money-Laundering initiative.  Jacqueline holds a Masters in International Relations, degrees in law, politics and management, along with qualifications as a change manager and as a mediator.


Day 2 @ 11:35

Case Study: Building the coaching organization

  • Working on the front line of a 24/7 emergency service brings unique skills and learning approaches. Historically, ambulance managers have had limited access to traditional learning structures and supports.
  • In this case study, we track the germination of an independent learning and coaching culture.
  • Using time-lapse analytics, video media, and presentation, the L&D team share what worked, what was learned and where they are going now.

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