After an incredibly successful inaugural year, the World Vaccine and Immunotherapy Congress is back in 2018 to bring you more content, learning and business development opportunities so you can take advantage of the rich biotech and funding environment that the West Coast offers.

Whilst still focussing on the vaccine and immunotherapy industry the scope of the event has expanded considerably and will delve deeper into topics surrounding vaccine development, cancer immunotherapy, funding and partnerships as well as exploring new topics in clinical trials & development, bioprocessing, manufacture and delivery, and the development and use of antibodies for both infectious diseases and cancer. 
This is the congress for top decision makers of the vaccine and immunotherapy industry with both scientific and commercial interests, specifically interested in both learning and/or partnering.

No matter where your interest lies we have content, networking and potential partners for you.


What to expect?

  • Providing attendees one stop progressive scientific and strategic solutions to the vaccine and immunotherapy industry, through executive level commentary, case studies and real-time analysis from key stakeholders to bring about faster, more cost-effective and more efficacious vaccines.

  • Meet the key players from the Human Vaccines Project - including all five universities and academics centers involved as well as senior members of the Scientific Steering Committee. 

  • Hear exciting new research from the directors some of the top cancer centers in the US as well as senior representatives from leading consortiums including the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, AACR GENIE Project, the San Diego Center for Precision Immunotherapy and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). 

  • Explore the latest methods and technologies that allow better understanding of the immune system and improve vaccine development and other immunotherapy approaches against infectious diseases and cancer. This includes integrating synthetic biology, omics, immune profiling, bioinformatics, systems biology and new-generation adjuvants with break through immunotherapy immunomodulators like check point inhibitors and oncolytic viruses in combinational therapies. 

  • Hear from C-Level executives from all the key vaccine developers and thought leaders from pharma, biotech’s, academics and government, in a combined scientific and commercial environment where CRO’s, CMO’s, EQM’s, Biotech’s and platform technology organisations can demonstrate their latest products and services and do business. 

  • Listen to updates on the latest discovery-stage infectious and non-infectious vaccines and hear clinical phase I, II and III data from leading biotech’s, big pharma and regulatory experts. 

  • Discover new technology for the manufacture, delivery and administration of vaccines, considerations for the manufacture of novel immunotherapies and engineered antibody formats. 

Who to expect?

Attendance to the series of events is made up from:

World Vaccine & Immunotherapy Congress West Coast Attendees


Key job titles include:

  • Head of Immunology
  • Head of Translational & Immuno-Oncology
  • Director Predictive Medicine
  • Head of Sequencing / Next gen sequencing
  • Directors of Biomarker Discovery & Diagnostics
  • Head of Bioinformatics
  • Director of Research
  • Head of Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Translational Science & Adjuvants
  • Head of Vaccines
  • CEO / CSO / COO
  • Head of Oncology
  • Head of Immuno-Oncology
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of (Pre-) Clinical Development
  • Head of Clinical Trial Management / Operations
  • Head of Bioprocessing
  • Head of Manufacturing




Get involved

To exhibit, sponsor or speak at the event contact
Oliver Breed on +44 (0)20 7092 1156
or oliver.breed@terrapinn.com