CTL Cellular Technology Ltd


Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) specializes in cell mediated immunity.  

We offer automated image analyzers (ImmunoSpotR) with scientifically validated counting algorithms.  High-throughput, Single-cell Analysis/Counting: ELISPOT, FluoroSpot assays, NK Assays, Viral Plaque (PRNT, FRNT, FFA), Bactericidal, Microbial Colony Counting, Genotoxic (MLA, AMES), Yeast Viability analysis, and Stem Cell Assays. 

Serum -free reagents (for use in ELISPOT, measuring NK activity etc.), and cryopreserved PBMCs, ELISPOT kits and antigens for standardization.  

Our CLIA certified contract laboratory services includes:  separation of PBMC from whole blood, cryopreservation of samples, GLP or GCP compliant testing using T and B cell ELISPOT, ELISA, flow cytometer measurements for surface markers, pentamers, multiplex cytokine bead measurements, killer assays etc.. ), and customized assay development/validation.  For more information visit our website www.immunospot.com