FIRST 100 speakers


Meet our speakers- top vaccine executives from across the biopharma industry from around the world.



Pedro Ballester, Group Leader, INSERM, France

Stephen Beers, Associate Professor, University Of Southampton, United Kingdom

Dr Maria Elena Bottazzi, Co-Director, Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, Baylor College of Medicine, United States

Gabrielle Breugelmans, Director of Research, Access to Medicine Foundation, Netherlands

Dr Kate Broderick, Vice President, Research And Development, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, United States

Dr Benoit Callendret, CDTL, Janssen Vaccines, Netherlands

Dr Benoit Callendret | CDTL | Janssen Vaccines » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Miles Carroll, Deputy Director, Public Health England, United Kingdom

Dr Jean-Charles Cavitte, Research Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium

Magda Chlebus, Executive Director, Science Policy And Regulatory Affairs, EFPIA, Belgium

Magda Chlebus | Executive Director, Science Policy And Regulatory Affairs | EFPIA » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Ralf Clemens, SVP, Grid Rio, Germany

Dr Ralf Clemens | SVP | Grid Rio » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Thomas B Cueni, Director General, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, Switzerland

Professor Jose De La Fuente, Head of Genomics Group, Instituto De Investigacion En Recursos Cinegeticos Ronda De Toledo S/N, Spain

Professor Jose De La Fuente | Head of Genomics Group | Instituto De Investigacion En Recursos Cinegeticos Ronda De Toledo S/N » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Carlota Dobano Lazaro, Associate Research Professor, Isglobal, Spain

Carel Du Marchie Sarvaas, Executive Director, HealthforAnimals, Belgium

Dr Baptiste Dungu, Head Of Strategy And Business Development, M.C.I. Sante Animale, Morocco

Marilyn Dysart, Clinical Affairs Manager, PharmaJet, United States

Victor Elinoff, President Medical Director, Regional Clinical Research, Inc., United States

Victor Elinoff | President Medical Director | Regional Clinical Research, Inc. » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Brandon Essink, Medical Director, Meridian Clinical Research, United States

Dr Ivan Martinez Forero, Regional Clinical Director, MSD, Switzerland

Dr Ivan Martinez Forero | Regional Clinical Director | MSD » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Maria Forlenza, Associate Professor, Wageningen University, Netherlands

Dr Maria Forlenza | Associate Professor | Wageningen University » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Agnete Fredriksen, President And Chief Scientific Officer, Vaccibody AS, Norway

Dr Martin Friede, Coordinator, Initiative For Vaccine Research Immunization, Vaccines And Biologicals Department, WHO, Switzerland

Dr Cyril Gay, Senior National Program Leader, A.R.S. National Programs, United States

Ulrike Gnad-Vogt, Chief Medical Officer, CureVac, Germany

Prof David Goldblatt, Professor of Vaccinology and Immunology and Director of Clinical Research and Development, UCL, United Kingdom

Dr Josie Golding, Programmed Officer in Epidemic Preparedness and Response, Wellcome Trust, United Kingdom

Dr Josie Golding | Programmed Officer in Epidemic Preparedness and Response | Wellcome Trust » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Prof Herman Goossens, Professor, U.Z.A., Belgium

Prof Andrew Gorringe, Scientific Leader, P.H.E., United Kingdom

Dr Zdenko Herceg, Head, Section Of Mechanisms Of Carcinogenesis, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC/WHO), France

Dr Zdenko Herceg | Head, Section Of Mechanisms Of Carcinogenesis | International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC/WHO) » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Tobias Kamphuis, Project Leader And Viral Vaccines Discovery, Janssen, Netherlands

Dr Tobias Kamphuis | Project Leader And Viral Vaccines Discovery | Janssen » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Lana Kandalaft, Director, Center Of Experimental Therapeutics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Andreas Katopodis, Chief Executive Officer, Anaveon, Switzerland

Wayne Koff, President And Chief Executive Officer, The Human Vaccines Project, United States

David Krige, Head of Biomarkers, Psioxus Therapeutics Ltd, United Kingdom

Nathalie Landry, Executive Vice President, Medicago, Canada

Prof Peter Lawætz Andersen, Vice President, Vaccine R&D, Statens Serum Institut, Denmark

Dr Yong-Jie Lu, Reader in Medical Oncology, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Dr Yong-Jie Lu | Reader in Medical Oncology | Queen Mary University of London » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Anthony Simon Lynch, Senior Scientific Director, Janssen R&D, Netherlands

Dr Gregory M Glenn, President, Novavax, United States

Dr Kutub Mahmood, Scientific Director, Path, United States

Dr Michael Makanga, Executive Director, European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, Netherlands

Professor Helen Mcshane, Professor of Vaccinology Wellcome Senior Fellow Pi Head Of Tb Vaccines Group, The Jenner Institute - University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Dr Kees Melief, Chief Scientific Officer, I.S.A. Pharmaceuticals, Netherlands

Emanuele Montomoli, Professor In Public Health University Of Siena And Chief Scientific Officer, VisMederi, Italy

Merribeth Morin, CARB-X Lead, Boston University, United States

Merribeth Morin | CARB-X Lead | Boston University » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Alex Morrow, Chair of the International Research Consortium, STAR-IDAZ, United Kingdom

Dr Mel Munro, Project Manager, Biologicals Regulatory Affairs, Triveritas Limited, United Kingdom

Dr Mel Munro | Project Manager, Biologicals Regulatory Affairs | Triveritas Limited » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Hans Nauwynck, Professor, Ghent University, Belgium

Dr Christopher Netherton, Principal Investigator, The Pirbright Institute, United Kingdom

Dr Andreas Neubert, Vice President Vaccines, IDT Biologika, Germany

Dr Alasdair Nisbet, Head of Vaccine Research, Moredun Research Institute, Moredun Research Institute, United Kingdom

Prof Christian Ottensmeier, Professor, University Of Southampton, United Kingdom

Gregory Poland, Director Of Mayo Vaccine Research Group, Mayo Clinic and Foundation, United States

Dr Jan Poolman, Head Bacterial Vaccine Discovery And Early Development, Janssen, Netherlands

Dr Steven Reed, President, Founder & CEO, Infectious Disease Research Institute, United States

Dr Fernando Rodriguez, Head of the Animal Health Program, IRTA-CReSA, Spain

Dr Jerald Sadoff, Senior Advisor Vaccine Development, Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines, United States

Dr Melanie Saville, Director of Vaccine Development- UK, CEPI, France

Aaron Schacht, Vice President - Global Research And Development, Elanco Animal Health, United States

Prof Olaf Schneewind, Chairman Of Microbiology, University Of Chicago, United States

Dr Hanneke Schuitemaker, Vice President And Head Of Viral Vaccine Discovery And Translational Medicine, Janssen, Netherlands

Pei-Yong Shi, Kempner Professor Of Human Genetics, University of Texas Medical Branch, United States

Dr Will Singleterry, Director Of Business Development, IsoPlexis, United States

Eleni Siskou, Policy Officer on Vaccination, The European Comission, Belgium

Eleni Siskou | Policy Officer on Vaccination | The European Comission » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Bruno Speder, Head Of Clinical Regulatory Affairs, SGS Life Science, Belgium

Bruno Speder | Head Of Clinical Regulatory Affairs | SGS Life Science » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Prof Karen-Lise Spindle, Aarhus University, Denmark

Prof Karen-Lise Spindle |  | Aarhus University » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Dr Nigel Swift, Global Head of Vaccine Research and Development, Boehringer Ingelheim, United Kingdom

Dr Nigel Swift | Global Head of Vaccine Research and Development | Boehringer Ingelheim » speaking at Vaccine Europe

Samuel Thevasagayam, Deputy Director, Global Development, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States

Dr Joris Vandeputte, President, IABS, Belgium

Prof Jaap Wagenaar, Professor Veterinary Medicine, University of Utrecht, Netherlands

Annelies Wilder-Smith, Professor of Infectious Disease, Principal Investigator for Vaccine Preventable Diseases & Emerging, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Adrian Wildfire, Scientific Director - Infectious Diseases And Viral Infection Unit, SGS Life Science Services, Switzerland


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