Scott Robinson | Chief Science Officer

Scott Robinson, Chief Science Officer, MicroQuin

Scott Robinson, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, MicroQuin
Dr Scott Robinson - Is the inventor and Chief Science Officer at MicroQuin.  Dr Robinson has published multiple papers in world-leading scientific journals, including the preeminent journal Nature.  Previously he worked for GlaxoSmithKline where he investigated potential drug candidates through proteomic analysis and target-based drug discovery techniques. 
Scott holds a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Imperial College London and is a Certified Quantitative Analyst.


Precision 2018 Day 2 @ 15:30

Academic built compounds (ABC) – with the move to drug discovery platforms are we forgetting our ABCs?

  • An overview of the Oncology drug development landscape - comparing approaches and exhibiting the successes from Academia
  • MicroQuin is offering a novel approach and first-in-class treatment to ALL Breast Cancers.  This will spotlight MicroQuin’s efforts and explain why this can’t be found using a platform approach
  • Examining the Oncology pipeline: The next generation drugs and why ABC is still unbeatable

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