Pedro Ballester | Group Leader

Pedro Ballester, Group Leader, INSERM

Following a first degree in Physics and MSc in Information Processing and Neural Networks, Pedro Ballester completed a part-time PhD at Imperial College London on geophysical data mining and inference. Subsequently, he was awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford and then held a short postdoc at University of Cambridge, both associated to Chemistry departments. In 2010, Dr Ballester was awarded a 4-year MRC Methodology Research Fellowship, which funded his position as staff scientist at the European Bioinformatics Institute, and also a Governing Body Fellowship at Wolfson College Cambridge. In October 2014, he left the UK and moved to the south of France to take a position as a tenured group leader at INSERM.


Precision 2018 Day 2 @ 16:30

Precision and recall oncology: combining multiple gene mutations for improved identification of drug-sensitive tumours

  • There is a need for new methods able to better discriminate between sensitive and resistant tumours to a given cancer treatment from the genomic profiles of these tumours
  • Combining multiple gene mutations via machine learning results in better discrimination than that provided by the best single-gene marker in about half of the 127 analysed drugs
  • Importantly, the proportion of sensitive cell lines that are correctly predicted as sensitive (recall) of the single-gene marker was lower than that of the multi-gene marker in 93% of the drugs

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