Pau Herrero Vinas | Research Fellow, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Imperial College London

Pau Herrero Vinas, Research Fellow, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London

Pau Herrero-Viñas holds a double Ph.D. degree on Automation by University of Angers (France) and on Information Technologies by University of Girona (Spain).
After receiving his PhD, Pau did a postdoctoral stay at University of California Santa Barbara (USA) working on diabetes technology projects. He then spent two years at the Autonomous University of Barcelona/Hospital de Sant Pau (Spain) leading different eHealth projects related to diabetes management.
He is currently a Research Fellow within the department Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. His main research interest lies in the field of diabetes technology and antimicrobial resistance. In particular, he is involved in the development of an artificial pancreas system and an intelligent decision support system for diabetes management.


Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 12:00

Artificial intelligence for diabetes control

  • Type 1 diabetes sufferers rely on multiple daily insulin injections to control their blood glucose levels
  • There is a clear need for more automated and intelligent systems to support people with type 1 diabetes to manage their glucose levels
  • The latest advances in intelligent decision support systems for type 1 diabetes management developed at Imperial College London will be introduced
  • Results of our latest clinical trial evaluating an AI-enhanced artificial pancreas system will be presented

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