Jim Fackler | John Hopkins School Of Medicine

Jim Fackler, , John Hopkins School Of Medicine

Dr. Fackler’s clinical work is pediatric critical care and anesthesiology at Hopkins.  Before taking his current role at Hopkins in 1996, he was on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School where he assisted in the founding of the Children’s Hospital Informatics Program.  He worked for the Cerner Corporation from 2002 to 2006 and was responsible for the development and deployment of their critical care solution suite.  His academic interests are the harnessing of the data generated by, and about, critically ill children for use in identifying and reducing the clinician driven variability in the care of complex conditions (such as sepsis). He founded a startup, Rubicon Health, to make the variability in healthcare delivery patient-centric and not clinician-idiosyncratic.


Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 12:40

AI at the bedside: from early recognition to value delivery

  • It is necessary but not sufficient to use “big data” and machine learning techniques to predict conditions best avoided (e.g. sepsis, hypotension, cardiac arrest)
  • It is further necessary but not sufficient to follow the above early detection with Augmented Intelligent Decision Support that more reliably delivers the correct therapies in a timelier manner
  • Decision support solutions must improve the value we deliver for the patient

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