Eerke Boiten | Professor of Cyber Security
De Montfort University

Eerke Boiten, Professor of Cyber Security, De Montfort University

After his PhD in the Netherlands, Eerke Boiten worked at the University of Kent as a computer science researcher and academic from 1995 to 2017. Initially working in a foundational area of computing, he branched out into computer security 10 years ago. He set up and led the University's interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security, which achieved the EPSRC/GCHQ accreditation as an Academic Centre of Excellence in 2015. Looking beyond just his own discipline, Eerke developed an interest in the policy sides of big data from a perspective of technical realism. He engages in public debate in this area, including on privacy in general, and on medical data, and was a reviewer for the Nuffield Bioethics report on Biological and Health Data in 2015.  In April 2017, he moved to the Cyber Technology Institute at De Montfort University to take on the role of Professor of Cyber Security.


Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 15:10

Panel discussion: Regulations in AI

  • How are we going to regulate AI for both healthcare and pharma?
  • Patient data and cyber security - should we be afraid of hacking?
  • Who should regulate this?

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