Ameet Bakhai | Consultant Cardiologist Heart Failure Lead Barnet
Barnet and Chase Farm N.H.S. Trust Amore Health Ltd

Ameet Bakhai, Consultant Cardiologist Heart Failure Lead Barnet, Barnet and Chase Farm N.H.S. Trust Amore Health Ltd

Dr Ameet Bakhai, MD, MRCP, FRCP, FESC, is a Consultant Cardiologist at Royal Free London NHS Trust, Deputy Director for Research and Cardiovascular Research Director, who has an inspiring passion and proven track record for improving healthcare through his high volume, front line clinical work combined with his unique and internationally recognised expertise in clinical trials, health economics, technology, commissioning, education and innovation. 

Trained at St Bartholomew’s, Royal Brompton and a scholar of Harvard School of Public Health, he has published over 90 peer reviewed papers on a host of cardiovascular innovations from novel cardiovascular pharmacotherapies, diagnostics, devices including coronary stents to disease prevention and prediction having also authored key textbooks on clinical trials, whilst also being recognised for his clinical work with awards such as Barnet Clinical Champion of the Year. 
Additionally he has been on various panels at National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence, a national Principal Investigator of international clinical studies, a reviewer for cardiac journals and grant bodies, has board positions and is an advisor to several commercial and government healthcare partners for therapy development programmes, commissioning and health economic modelling. He is now a leading member of various cardiology task force committees with UCL partners to improve the care of patients covering a population of 8 million and he is a national lead for high volume international registry studies collecting real world data.
He also provides deep insights into designing evidence base for medical innovations and therapies as well as the commissioning processes in the NHS and has recently been appointed an ambassador for Digital Health London supporting companies bringing Artificial Intelligence in HealthCare, following his keynote talks such as for HealthXL at IBM Watson’s Boston headquarters on Digital opportunities in cardiology.
In essence he is considered as being a dynamic, effective “health hacker”, breaking barriers to enable the early adoption of proven, novel and cost effective pharmacotherapies, diagnostics and device technologies, translating the benefits of clinical research by providing patients access to these in a safe and robust clinical setting.


Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 14:50

Disrupting the invasion of AI in healthcare – examples from cardiology

  • Machine Learning and Digital Technologies have been common place in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Innovations in cardiology bring convenience, improved outcomes and are soundly researched for safety and efficacy – examples of good practice
  • Security risks, employment impact of automation, alarm fatgue regarding events captured by monitoring technologies all pose issues
  • Does ML solve the human need condition or provide a lower cost, lower quality substitute to the vulnerable?
  • ML, digital technologies and healthcare professionals symbiosis – proposed meeting of minds

Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 15:10

Panel discussion: Regulations in AI

  • How are we going to regulate AI for both healthcare and pharma?
  • Patient data and cyber security - should we be afraid of hacking?
  • Who should regulate this?

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