VivaBioCell S.p.A., a medtech company owned by NantCell, Inc. (a subsidiary of NantWorks LLC group), is focussed in developing advanced automated solutions for cell-based and and cell-derived product manufacturing. VivaBioCell aim is to provide the regenerative medicine industry with bioprocessing solutions able to improve productivity, at scale, while reducing risks and costs.
NANT 001 is an innovative automated, closed bioreactor system for cell therapy bioprocessing, evolved from manual cell culture principles but developed to overcome the challenges linked to traditional operations. NANT 001 features a single-button, user-friendly interface and a process monitoring system, accessible anywhere via a dedicated web-app. Together with its single-use, barcoded cartridge, the NANT 001 bioreactor supports safe, robust, controlled, fully traceable and cost-effective cell expansion for more productive cGMP-compliant manufacturing processes. The integrated in-process control system features a liquid lens-based, autofocus-capable microscope for in-line analysis of the cell culture via clear images, which are used by an automated algorithm to calculate cell confluency while the culture is ongoing. All information is registered in a final Report. The system flexibility permits automation of operations for multiple cell-based processes. Current applications include expansion of bone marrow- and adipose tissue-derived MSCs, as well as gene-modified NK cells.

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