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PL BioScience is a young, ambitious and dynamic life science startup. Started in 2015, PL BioScience offers a portfolio of novel products and innovative technologies for cell expansion in research and clinical applications.
The company aims to accelerate the translation of basic research into cell therapy, regenerative medicine and therapeutic products. PL BioScience’s main products are various types of Human Platelet Lysate which is a better alternative to Fetal Calf Serum as cell culture supplement. Especially adult stem cells and various other types of primary cells grow optimally in Platelet Lysate.
PL BioScience provides not only a standard Human Platelet Lysate together with the essential heparins but also a fibrinogen-depleted and a customized version which does not require any heparin supplementation.
Moreover, PL BioScience offering the “Next Generation Platelet Lysate” which is designed to meet the needs of regulatory approved clinical applications.
Next to the lysate, PL BioScience has developed a patented cell culture matrix. This matrix enables the cells of interest to grow in three dimensions with much better results in terms of population doubling and proliferation rates.
In addition and due to reliable partnerships, PL BioScience has constant access to out-dated Human Platelet Units ready for research activities.


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