Mr Leonardo Cerciello | Vice President, Sales, Asia, Africa and Middle East
Telecom Italia Sparkle | Italy

Mr Leonardo Cerciello, Vice President, Sales, Asia, Africa and Middle East, Telecom Italia Sparkle

Leonardo Cerciello was appointed Telecom Italia Sparkle’s Vice President Sales Asia,  Africa & Middle East in October 2015. 
Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President for Marketing Services. 
He began his career in Telecom Italia in 1994 and he has gained a wide international experience and expertise in the TLC industry. 
In TI Sparkle, prior to this appointment, he had managed the Voice Services Business as SVP with the responsibility of the marketing and sales department.
He held also various senior positions within the Sales Department. After several years as Director of Europe Carrier Services, from 2008, he has been Vice President for Africa& Middle East Region. In such roles he has implemented a selective customer approach, leveraged existing investment and boosted Telecom Italia Sparkle market position, expanding company’s customer base for Voice and Data Services.

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