Telecom Egypt

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Telecom Egypt is a leading global operator that offers a complete range of Telecom Services including Voice, Data, Dark fiber, Managed Bandwidth, IP Transit, MPLS, Colocation and tailored data solutions designed to meet the requirements of private or consortium of submarines cables, Telecom Operators, ISPs, media and content providers and enterprise customers.

With a unique geographic location spanning about 1000 Km on the Red Sea and 1000 Km on the Mediterranean Sea, Telecom Egypt connecting more than 8 Cable Systems from the East with more than 9 Cable Systems from the West through 7 diversified routes across Egypt., which positions TE as a partner of choice for Euro-Asia and Africa transit traffic of 10+ Tbps lit capacity. 

Telecom Egypt is the cofounder of AAE-1 and the provider of the terrestrial capacity across Egypt for the upcoming and advanced state-of-the-art cable systems AAE-1 and Sea-Me-We-5.

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